Next goals of CPA Women

The association has set itself great goals and wants to achieve, for example, minimum wages and appropriate compulsory insurance for all female athletes

  • Joint agreement for women's cycling
  • Code of Ethics for teams
  • Minimum wages and adequate, compulsory insurance for all women athletes
  • Extreme weather protocol to apply to women's races as well
  • Equal safety standards in women's and men's races

Further goals to achieve in women's races:

  • Increased media coverage of women's races
  • Coordination of men's and women's racing calendars
  • Presence of a CPA Women delegate in all women's WT races
  • Improved logistics and accommodation of athletes in all races
  • Increase in prize money for women's races
  • New centralised, automated prize management to apply to women athletes as well

The association

CPA Women is part of CPA, which is committed to improving financial and social issues, regulations, sports conditions, and the relationship of all professional cycling stakeholders.

Our promise

CPA Women represents its members in the cycling institutions and is always attentive to the personal needs of each cyclist and above all to guarantee their safety during the races.


Become a member of CPA Women, the Association of Professional Cyclists for female athletes only and benefit from our commitment to women's cycling.