How does CPA Women work?

CPA Women, the only international association of professional female cyclists, cooperates with a number of national associations, such as ACCPI, ACP, UNCP, BIPCA, ANAPRC

CPA Women works by means of a number of national associations which make up CPA. The national unions will report the needs of their local athletes to the central committee to enable national and international action. This federative model is the best way to provide athletes with better assistance in case any contractual, legal, or tax-related needs arise in their home countries. The athletes will be able to turn to the national associations for training and reintegration into the labour market at the end of their careers and to take part in any activities or initiatives carried out locally. At the same time, riders joining CPA Women will be able to turn to the international association for all broader matters concerning cycling institutions and that are connected with their interests, the improvement of their working conditions, the protection of their image, and much more. The following national associations have joined CPA Women:  ACCPI, ACP, UNCP, BIPCA, ANAPRC.

If there is no national association local to you, you can join CPA directly.

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The association

CPA Women is part of CPA, which is committed to improving financial and social issues, regulations, sports conditions, and the relationship of all professional cycling stakeholders.

Our promise

CPA Women represents its members in the cycling institutions and is always attentive to the personal needs of each cyclist and above all to guarantee their safety during the races.


Become a member of CPA Women, the Association of Professional Cyclists for female athletes only and benefit from our commitment to women's cycling.