Sponsors and partners of CPA Women

CPA Women is mainly financed by CPA, the Association of Professional Cyclists and supported by other international cycling institutions and sponsors

During its first year, CPA Women was supported financially by CPA to pay towards travel and accommodation expenses for meetings with the athletes and the stakeholders and for participating in women's races. Neither the athletes, nor UCI were asked to provide any contribution. Over the coming years, CPA Women will seek the contributions of cycling institutions and sponsors. Many ideas are being put forward to support CPA Women, the only international union of female professional cycling riders. If you are interested in sponsoring CPA Women write to: womencycling@cpacycling.com and we will send you our program.

The association

CPA Women is part of CPA, which is committed to improving financial and social issues, regulations, sports conditions, and the relationship of all professional cycling stakeholders.

Our promise

CPA Women represents its members in the cycling institutions and is always attentive to the personal needs of each cyclist and above all to guarantee their safety during the races.


Become a member of CPA Women, the Association of Professional Cyclists for female athletes only and benefit from our commitment to women's cycling.