CPA Women represents female athletes in the cycling associations

Working closely with UCI, the Union Cycliste Internationale, to improve the working conditions of female cyclists and ensure their safety

Following in the footsteps of the men's chapter of CPA, CPA Women is primarily engaged in "defending the interests of female athletes" and "representing them in the institutions and bodies that organise and manage cycling, across the board." 

The newly formed movement has so far been involved in the following initiatives:

  • Meeting the athletes to find out about their main needs and respond to them  
  • Meetings with key teams to spread the word about CPA Women and its goals
  • Participating in key female WT races to step in on behalf of women athletes in the event of safety and/or of extreme weather issues throughout the races
  • Meetings with the organisers of the key female races with a view to improving logistics, accommodation, and discussing a possible increase in prize money.
  • Meeting the President of UCI to present the CPA Women project, which includes striving for a joint agreement, an ethical code, minimum wages, improved safety in races, increase in minimum prize money, improved logistics throughout races. 
  • Bylaws of the women's division of CPA, internal organisation and funding of CPA Women

The association

CPA Women is part of CPA, which is committed to improving financial and social issues, regulations, sports conditions, and the relationship of all professional cycling stakeholders.

Our promise

CPA Women represents its members in the cycling institutions and is always attentive to the personal needs of each cyclist and above all to guarantee their safety during the races.


Become a member of CPA Women, the Association of Professional Cyclists for female athletes only and benefit from our commitment to women's cycling.